Marketing to Nonprofits
Made Easy

We help great companies get their products and services in front of nonprofit professionals.

Why Nexus Marketing

We’re the only digital marketing agency that specializes in online marketing for businesses that target the nonprofit sector.

Subject-matter Expertise

We’re passionate about the nonprofit space which is why our agency only works with companies that market to nonprofit organizations and professionals.

Compelling Copy

Blog posts, Guides, eBooks, infographics, SlideShares… you name it and we’ve done it! In online marketing, content is king and our team knows how to write high quality content that’s optimized for search engines.

Publishing Partnerships

Don’t settle for publishing on websites outside your industry! We work with over one hundred bloggers, news aggregators, and organizations within the nonprofit sector to make sure our clients’ content gets in front of the right audience.

SEO Experience

We have a deep understanding of the mechanics of how to increase online authority, generate references, and develop back-links to your website from a variety of sources.

Who We Are

We’re a team made up of nerds who love analytics, writers who obsess over semantics, and marketers who think branding is the bomb. What unites us is our passion for storytelling, digital marketing, and getting to the top of Google’s search rankings.

What We Do

We work with businesses focused on the nonprofit sector to improve their inbound lead generation, grow their online brand awareness, and increase their organic search engine rankings.

Content Marketing Strategy

Writing content without a strategy is like driving cross-country without a GPS. We’ll help you figure out what knowledge gaps your customers have, what keywords you should target, and how it all comes together into a broader strategy.

Content Creation & Distribution

What happens to a great article if no one reads it? Not a whole lot. Not only do we specialize in writing compelling, educational content but we also help you get published on established websites with nonprofit viewership.

Search Engine Optimization

Want to rank higher for the terms your customers are searching for? We’re certified experts in SEO and use a diverse range of techniques to increase our clients’ online authority and improve their ranking in search engines for target keywords.

Drip Email Campaigns

Is your email getting caught in the spam folder? We work with our clients to develop targeted drip email campaigns that nurture potential leads over time with high quality educational content.

Our clients’ content has been published in a wide range of different online publications.

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